Mobile Workflows You Can Trust

  • Fast, efficient, geospatial data collection across a fleet of mixed devices
  • Import and update existing data for up-to-the-minute information
  • Streamlined data management to keep your data organized
  • Direct integration with your Esri environment

Use Your Existing Devices

Supports iOS, Android, WEHH and selected tablet devices running Windows. Field workers can work with their choice of device, from their personal phone to a high-accuracy handheld, and collect data in the same way. Eliminate the need to carry a GPS device, camera, clipboard, and printed maps, by centralizing onto a single device.

High Accuracy Positioning

When accuracy is important, connect to the Trimble® R1 or R2 GNSS receiver and receive high accuracy positioning data straight to your mobile device. For organizations or individuals who have seasonal or infrequent data capture requirements, Trimble Catalyst* is the convenient and affordable solution that enables you to access highly accurate positioning workflows on demand.
*Available early 2017

Update Your Existing Data

Import pre-existing asset or GIS data into your projects with TerraFlex Advanced and make real-time updates to it in the field. Share that information across the project organization, so all projects members—from the field to office—are working with the most up-to-date data available.

Keep in Sync

Field data is automatically synced with a central server, streamlining office operations and driving higher productivity and cost savings. No need to return to the office to enter field data. No double entry of information re-typing paper forms. Save time, reduce errors.

Work Anywhere

Work even in remote areas, with data collection that is fully functional offline. When field workers are back in range, data will automatically sync back to the office.

Fully Managed

Trimble TerraFlex takes care of all the database administration and management, so you don’t need to expend resources to manage another system. Focus on the job at hand without having to manage back end systems.

Keep Your Data Organized

With multiple field workers and numerous jobs you need to keep it all organized. Group templates and data collection assignments into projects and assign them to your field crews.

Quick Template Set Up

Whatever your data collection needs, the drag and drop interface makes for efficient form template creation. Group and organize fields to create simple to navigate forms that allow for fast entry, or you can set up templates automatically from your imported data.

Form Template Versioning

Project needs change over time. Data integrity is ensured as form templates can be edited and seamlessly rolled out to the team as project requirements change.

Work From Your Esri Environment

The TerraFlex add-in for ArcMap® enables you to create projects straight from your Esri geodatabase and download collected data directly back into it. There are no import and export processes to manage, meaning higher data quality and greater productivity.

Simplify Project Set-Up

From the TerraFlex add-in you can publish templates for data collection in TerraFlex using the fields defined in your GIS. If you need to update existing GIS data, simply select the features and send them straight to the field using TerraFlex tasks. Once the data has been collected, download it directly into your GIS with a simple button click.

Compatible with Your Geodatabase

The TerraFlex add-in works with both File and Enterprise geodatabases, and supports features such as versioning, geometric networks, sub-types, attachments and domains. Tables can also be used to create templates for non-spatial data collection and update.

Download the TerraFlex add-in for ArcMap here.

TerraFlex Editions

Choose the TerraFlex license that suits your needs:

TerraFlex Basic

If you are looking to collect new data in the field, TerraFlex Basic edition enables you to set up form templates to capture attribute rich and accurate data in the field.

TerraFlex Advanced

If you have existing utility or GIS data and need to keep that information up to date, TerraFlex Advanced edition enables you to import that data and update it in the field*

*Basic edition functionality is available with the Advanced edition.
Data Collection
Point, line, polygon
Field types:
Numeric (standard numeric input plus measurements fields):
Length - imperial and metric
Angles - degrees
Selection field:
Single Choice/Radio Button
Multiple Choice/Check box
Images and signature capture
Conditional rules
Metadata fields (user, device, accuracy, DOP)
Accuracy based logging1
Position required for logging
Collect nested features
Esri file geodatabase
Data Update1
Import existing data from shapefiles
Create field collection templates from imported data
Create tasks
Track task progress
Update feature geometry
Update feature attributes
Navigate to feature
Background Maps
Trimble street and satellite basemaps
Offline basemaps powered by Trimble data
Device Support
Trimble Geo 7X handheld including integrated laser rangefinder support
Trimble Nomad® 5 handheld
Trimble Juno® 5 series
Trimble TDC100 series
Trimble T10 tablet
Trimble Yuma® 2 and Motion tablets
Android v4.4 or later
iOS 8 or later
GNSS receivers:
Trimble R2, R1
Trimble R10, R8s2
Trimble R10 Model 2
Trimble Catalyst3
Available Languages
Spanish (Latin America)

1 TerraFlex Advanced edition only.
2 R10 and R8s GNSS receivers not available with iOS.
3 Select Android and Trimble devices only.
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Download For Windows Mobile
Download for Windows 7/8/10

Plugin Downloads

Move and update feature class data and schemas between Esri ArcMap and TerraFlex for a streamlined exchange of data without intermediary file import and export steps.

Download for Esri ArcMap Plugin
View Plugin User Guide

Partner Applications

The following Partner applications are available to integrate with TerraFlex.
Learn more Trimble Feedback
A cloud-based eGovernment software solution enabling crowdsourcing for enhanced issue identification, processing, assignment and tracking.
Learn more Trimble 4D Lite
Cloud-based software to monitor, visualize and analyze any sensor data.

January 2016

TerraFlex Mobile

  • Connect to Trimble R10 and Trimble R8s GNSS field receivers: Surveyors utilizing these receivers to do precise measurements using other software apps, such as Trimble Access™, can use their same field device configuration to collect rich attribute, GIS-ready data with TerraFlex.
  • Nested form functionality: Users can collect multiple feature types at once using nested forms. For example, a city parks employee who is collecting a line feature along a pedestrian route through a park can pause that collection to quickly collect a point feature when inspecting urban furniture such as a park bench or signage, and then resume collecting the pedestrian route.
  • Edit positions for existing line and area features: TerraFlex Advanced users have the ability to refine or update field positions for line and area features to easily capture localized as-built changes. For example, a city wishing to do some rework on water infrastructure to re-route sewer pipes will need to capture the as-built geometry of the changes. They can do this by updating the existing positions of the affected section without having to make any other modifications to the overall water infrastructure.

TerraFlex Plugin For Esri ArcMap

  • Use geodatabase tables: ArcMap users can now work with geodatabase tables as well as feature classes. Standalone geodatabase tables can be included within a project and users can optionally choose to transfer point/line/area features back to fields in the table.
  • Create auto-fields from the plugin: Users can automatically create auto-fields onto existing feature schemas in Esri ArcMap and add them to a TerraFlex form. Auto-fields can capture metadata, such as estimated accuracy or the device used, which previously were not part of the feature schema.
  • Upload features without assigning to a task: Users can upload features in Esri ArcMap without assigning them directly to a task. Task assignments can be done later in TerraFlex. 
For further information, view the TerraFlex January 2016 Updates presentation.

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